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The Star Ferry - consultancy for team development and coaching

team development, coaching and mediation


How we work

The Star Ferry takes a professional and result-oriented approach. During the intake with your coach/sparring partner, your specific questions and goals will be clarified. Above all, the intake is an opportunity to see whether there is a ‘click’ between you and the coach.

  • First introduction and intake
  • A customized plan of approach, specifically aligned with you and your questions.
  • Direct and focussed on the core issues.
  • Personal commitment essential: ‘homework’.
  • Pragmatic approach.
  • With a great deal of attention for the step from ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ to ‘knowing & doing’.
  • Ultimately, you are strengthened in your own ability to take the next steps yourself, onwards into the future.

You determine how you define your personal success. The Star Ferry is merely a professional bridge to your own new other side.

coaching, mentoring and mediation