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“Our MMS certified coaches support individuals in making their own choices, whether in their work life, private life or a combination of the two.”


Vanessa van Lennep

After completing her studies in Law, Vanessa van Lennep (born 1966) spent 15 years working for a large travel company, in various commercial roles. When she turned 40, she decided to leave her career in tourism behind her, and it was at this time that her biggest dream came true: the birth of her daughter. This was a turning point in her life, a time to pause and reflect on what she really wanted from the other aspects of her life, including her career. Should she carry on as before, or listen to her true dreams and desires? This is a question that most people ask themselves at different points in their lives.

After an inspiring time considering these questions with her own coach, Vanessa chose to utilize her own natural talents in the area of intuition and feeling, by becoming a coach herself, and helping others in their own personal development. “From the head to the heart, that is the central theme of my life and of the way in which I work as a coach. It’s only when you can truly be yourself, that you can fully make use of your own unique talents. By knowing who you really are, you find out what you really want. Through self-reflection, you make the right choices for you. By listening to yourself you can deal with setbacks and take the next steps.”

Alongside her work as coach, Vanessa advises local government on cultural subsidies and supports young women from non-Dutch backgrounds to find their feet within Dutch society.

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