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Glenda Nühn-Morris

Glenda Nühn (born 1957) graduated in Law from the Universiteit van de Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa (BA LLB). She gained broad experience as a litigation lawyer at Bowman Gilfillan, a corporate law firm in Johannesburg, and obtained her post-doctorate diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the ADR Institute of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. She is an NMI certified mediator.

With wide experience as a mediator and intermediary in employment and business conflicts, Glenda takes a result-oriented approach and strives to foster an atmosphere in which the parties feel able to air their tensions and frustrations. During this process, it becomes possible to talk about the issues. With increasing mutual understanding and respect, there is more space to work creatively towards a resolution. Glenda guides the parties to a solution that is acceptable for both sides.

She mediates in both English and Dutch, and specializes in intercultural conflicts: her experience living and working both abroad (South Africa, Sweden, Austria) and in the Netherlands means that she truly understands the situations that can arise as a result of cultural differences.

Glenda has a great deal of experience in the non-profit sector and is co-founder and chair of Stichting COR (The Caring Network Foundation). She is also a member of the Dutch Committee for Human Rights Watch.

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